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Web and Video Conferencing

What is the difference between...

  • Video conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Webinars
  • Webcasts

Confused yet? It is important to know what is being requesting, or what is being signed up to. Let Ohio State University explain.

What is web/video conferencing used for?

  • Group meetings that want to include individuals in other locations
  • Group meetings that want to have a shared meeting with other group(s) in locations that also have compatible facilities
  • Individuals that wish to have meetings whilst locationally dispersed
  • Teaching activities at UC that wish to be shared real time with distance locations and/or individual distance students
  • Presentations by distance
  • PhD oral examinations
  • Interviews

What has to be done to arrange video conferencing?

  • Book an installed space, or
  • Book a video conferencing trolley, if required


  • Request support, if needed, with at least one week's notice.

How is support arranged?

It may be that you are able to set up your own video conference, with the technology/computer in the space. You just wish to use your computer workstation, or a laptop/mobile device in a more suitable location.

If you do need support with setting up a scheduled Zoom video conference and/or using the technology installed in a space, fill out a quick web form on Assyst (staff log on required).

Support can be requested for Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

Who can can I ask for advice?

For the technical and set up side, Audio Visual Services can be contacted:

Email: videoconference@canterbury.ac.nz
Telephone: ext 93222

For how to bring video conferencing and distance learning together pedagogically, contact E-Learning Support. Colleges will have their assigned Flexible Learning Advisor (FLA).

Can I get advice on what gear to buy for my professional needs?

The standard cameras and microphones installed in laptops, for example, tend to be basic quality.

If you are considering investing in USB connectible webcams, microphones and/or headsets, contact Audio Visual Services to discuss your needs and for advice.

Fit-for-purpose cameras and microphones can provide your audience with a much better experience and perception of your professionalism.

Is web/video conferencing provided cost-free on campus for staff to use?

Equipment, data usage and physical facilities are an investment by the University in enabling its staff to conduct University business, so these are provided fee-free given reasonable use.

If you go outside these limits, or use the network for non-University or personal use you are liable for the costs associated.

Conduct personal or non-UC business web conferencing offsite. This should be done on a non-UC device though your own mobile connection or through an external wifi or network connection.

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