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New Teaching Spaces

The teaching technology fit out, of newly built or refurbished teaching spaces, is crucial to supporting high quality teaching.

A consistently high-standard set up, despite building construction barriers and other constraints is, is the aim. This can be seen in the Core, RRSIC and Rehua projects, to name a few.


Teaching staff can then focus more on the seemless mastery of a smaller range of key technologies. As opposed to having to re-learn the technologies for each individual, uniquely set up teaching space.

An addtional benefit is a more consistent set of technologies to support behind the scenes.


However, as technologies evolve, improve and become more cost effective, technologies installed change. A number of evolutions of this can be seen across campus. This puts an understandable burden on the small team to support.


So Audio Visual Services not only provides design and installation consultancy for new teaching spaces, then works with partners and the team to install technology. It also encourages the consistent upgrading of older installed teaching spaces to meet minimum standards.

This is not always feasible, but in the rush to deliver the new, it is important to bring up the old, for the benefit of all.

More detail on new teaching spaces and their technologies can be found on Learn.

Read more about audio visual designing in 3D at UC on the ATEM website.


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