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Loan Equipment and Technology

A range of equipment is available for short duration loan.

Fill in a quick AssystNET web form to request a booking, and arrange collection and return. Contact Audio Visual Services directly for advice, options and to discuss your needs.

At least one week's notice is required

Booking of equipment for use in teaching should be made as early as possible to allow for the processing of the request, the booking of equipment (in order received) and the management of staff necessary to deliver and set up the equipment.

  • Equipment required for three lectures or more will be given preference if booked during term breaks.
  • Bookings made during term time cannot be assured.
  • While late bookings may be accepted for processing, their fulfilment cannot be guaranteed.
  • The increasing demand for Audio Visual Services, and the limitations on staffing and equipment are such that it may be necessary to decline late bookings.

Terms and conditions

Loan equipment is only for:

  • Short durations
  • University-related use
  • Non-commercial use. Users are not permitted to charge for their services undertaken using loan equipment
  • Clean and dry use
  • Teaching staff and support staff. Students are able to loan equipment only with the express written support of a member of teaching staff

Any loss, damage, modification, reconfiguring or dismantling, whether whole or partial, will be charged to your department. This includes if you are the approver for a loan by a student.

You must have the express approval of any persons you are photographing or filming with loan equipment. Ensure you are working within the law and within UC policies.

You are to comply with any operating and storage instructions given by Audio Visual Services staff.

You are to comply with any other instructions given by Audio Visual Services staff regarding loan equipment.

Equipment is to be picked up from and dropped off at AV Services, only during office hours, in its entirity.

When picking up equipment:

  • A paper-based Audio Visual Loan Equipment Agreement will be filled out in your presence
  • Generally-approved photo identification of you must be supplied

Any issues with, or faults with, loan equipment must be communicated to Audio Visual Services, as soon as possible.

These terms and conditions are subject to modification or addition at any time.

Explore what equipment and technology is available to request.

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