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Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is the video and audio recording of a teaching activity that is then processed using technology, but not usually edited, put up on the Echo360 streaming/download platform and linked to a course (or courses) on the Learn LMS.

For more information, refer to the UC library-based Echo360 webpages and the Echo360 Solution Space on Learn (staff username and passord required for log in).

There are two types of Lecture Capture: Semi-automated Lecture Capture and Manual Lecture Capture.


The recording of any teaching-related activities is required to be requested through the Timetabling team, at the time of teaching timetabling and teaching space booking.

For any requests after this date, email the Timetabling Shared Mailbox. Specify the course code, date, time and reoccurrance (if needed). Timtabling will then coordinate with Audio Visual Services, to see if your request can be accommodated.

For short notice requests, email the Timetabling Shared Mailbox copying in Audio Visual Services.


Teaching staff can also create their own Personal Capture (PCAP) recordings using their own computer, or mobile device.


Information and Records Management are responsible for policy for copyright use of materials in lecture capture and personal recording that teaching staff must adhere to.

Semi-automated Lecture Capture

Semi-automated lecture capture only takes place:

  • In teaching spaces that have the Echo360 hardware installed in them, and
  • When a lecture capture is requested, booked and confirmed in advance

It records two streams of video and one stream of audio.

The Echo360 box in the teaching space connnects to the capture devices. Audio that goes through the Lectern and speech though microphone(s) is captured. Visuals are recorded of what is being projected up and/or a camera view from the back of the teaching space.

The box brings these together. It sends data to where the data is stored and processed. These can then be accessed online through the Echo360 web interface.

The recording of audio

The audio recording requires the microphones to be charged and unmuted on the AMX Touch Panel. So:

  • Always power off the AMX Touch Panel at the end of a teaching activity. This quickly restarts and resets teaching technologies, including volumes to their carefully calibrated defaults.
  • Always put back the portable microphones correctly into the charging dock. This does two things - switches them off and enables them to charge.

The recording of visuals

The visual recording, by default, is what is seen up on the the two projection screens.

This can be changed to what is on the left-hand screen (from the perspective of teaching staff at the front looking out to the audience) and a camera that records the Lectern area to video the teaching staff in action.

Depending on the exact system installed in the particular teaching space, will determine if teaching staff change the setting themselves at the time of the teaching activity, or whether teaching staff have to request its programming from Audio Visual Services.


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